Saturday, November 20, 2010

London Calling

Observations is looking toward London, UK. The amazing debut CD of my super-talented friend, Fred White, under the production name of balam is on sale at An eclectic blend of music genres, every tune is unique and evokes its own mood that will delight the ears and the mind. Funk, jazz, lounge and electronica are all part of the CD that will have you daydreaming, toe-tapping, and head-bopping. My favorite tracks are "Twisted Aberrations," an electonica masterpiece of synchopated rhythms and bass, "Hobble," a hauntingly beautiful track that opens with a blend of melancholic chords from the piano and bass that evolves into a smooth groove, and "4 Floors Up," a toe-tapping, head-bopping tune with great energy that I would describe as cool groove. A great stocking stuffer for the music lover in your family.

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